The Equal Mind

This image was sourced from the internet. What captured my attention is my curiosity about what the owner of this photo wants to convey.

Every photograph has a message and this one seems weird but quite effective in grabbing people's attention.

I find it eerie but fascinating. It looks like a goth image or the one always preferred by the Gothic community.They are always misunderstood but they have a different culture that is weird for most of us.

Like other sectors of this society, we need to study their culture before we judge them. To understand the perspective of those called "weird" might be a refreshing experience. After all, we want the same thing for our advocacy and principles- to be understood even if not accepted.

Our society is always bias to what has a popular following. In return, we have forgotten that the truth is not always popular nor self-serving, but it is deserving of acknowledgement and respect.

We cannot segregate the unpopular truth from its opposite. We need to build an institution that embraces an "equal mind."

So what is an Equal Mind? Two words that I associate with the borrowed eerie photo and a social message of fairness and compassion for those who seem to be social outcasts.

An equal mind does not advance uniformity nor unchallenged perception. In fact, I am always open to  a healthy debate and objective comprehension of any human system. 

My idea of an equal mind is something that addresses "equal footing and equal opportunities and rights." No one can argue about equal rights because it is provided for in the Philippine Constitution (read: I was born in the Philippines).

I just brought up this issue to invite you to think deeply on setting the perimeters of social status on the zero level. 

I am not saying that we should ignore those who have more personal achievements than the rest. What I am exactly saying is for us to consider thinking that the government resources should be shared equally and that everyone, regardless of their status in life, should have a fair say on the running of their respective community affairs.

Sadly, this is not new to most of us. We are all aware of this. That is why many street activists drumbeat " equality" as a must in our socio-political mainstream. It is a fact that when we want to institutionalize fairness, we also seek for equality.

I might sound idealistic but my point is too practical to be labeled as technical. This is humanity speaking to us all.

I am directing you to view all kinds of people with the same kindness and compassion sans judgment and prejudice.

Borrowing the concept of Equality, even if we do not all walk on the same economic level, it is still important that we are open to love even those who are different from us.

That is humanity in practice.


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