Rise above Vexation

Rise above the vexations of other people.

Never LEVEL yourself with people whose only means of communication is anger.

Avoid them for they will drain your spirit. 

Those people are against the truth.

They will do anything to stop the truth from being exposed.

They will harass you but you need to keep going.

If you must speak the truth, then never be cowed down by the vexation caused by people of negativity.

Stand up. Be assured that standing up for the truth does not mean you are leveling yourself with a fool.

You are merely elevating yourself from him.

You must know that those who are against the truth are not on the same page with you.

Let them write all the negativity the want, let them dwell in their own ghastly painting of themselves.

Please remember that those people who judge you actually judge themselves, not you. 

What they see and how they view others reflect their image of themselves that they abhor. 

They hate the people whom they cannot be and they destroy them to appease their own personal insecurities.

Always rise above the people who cannot rise above their own destructive vexation. 

You can include them in your dua so that they will be enlightened by ALLAH's guidance.


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