On Personal Insecurity

Insecurity makes people compete for recognition.

But how does one develop inferiority complex? For being compared to someone whose ability is not equal to his/her. For constantly being ignored because others outshine him or her.

This is what I am telling you since from the very start.

If you feel threatened, you fight back to prove yourself. Whereas, if you are confident of who you are, you will not go out of your way MAKING AN IMPRESSION.

Confident people intimidate others without meaning to. It is not their fault but the problem of those who see them as a threat.

I do not like to simplify human conflict but sometimes the problem lies in DEEP-SEATED ENVY of other people's achievement.

Hence, the insecure aspires to be better than the envied but we all know this is a no-brainer.

Go back to the concept of uniqueness and allow others to be themselves WITHOUT being threatened by their personal achievements.

The truth is, you have NO ENEMY BUT YOURSELF.

If you got slighted because someone is better than you are, then you have no right to fault the better person in their eyes.

Do your stuff out of your desire to become the person you want to be.

Just remember this: IF YOU KEEP COMPETING WITH OTHER PEOPLE, you are admitting to yourself that you are enslaved by other people's approval and that in itself is self-defeating.


~ Princess Maleiha Bajunaid Candao


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