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The beauty of my life

A friend asked me, why do I seem to bloom every single day? 

I said: 
"Because I let go of anything that stresses me." 

My friend said: "How do you do it?"

I replied: 

"If something or someone is not worth my time, I release whatever keeps me down. 

If it is a bad person, I avoid; if it is a bad situation, I avoid. 

I spend my time with those who truly love me sincerely, never with the hypocrites. 

Spending time with beautiful people makes me more beautiful. That is the beauty of my life."

Briefly, Peace is..

Many people do not deeply   understand the need for peace. 
 Peace calms a tired soul that cannot sleep.

Internal strenght is power

Many people say I am different. 
I am too strong to stand on my own.
What I am is a product of my deeper sense of awareness about my relevance in this world. 
I know what I want and I know what I must do.

I choose a lifestyle that is not focused on the crowd, or allow myself to be engulfed by senseless noises around me.

I do my works alone but not because I want to look superior but because I know I have to stand on my own, think on my own and be responsible for the consequences of my own actions.

Nobody else should answer to the universe for all my actions and decisions.

However, I am not islanded. My heart is full of love.

Love in my definition can exist without being needy and dependent on anyone for its fulfillment. Even in romantic relationships, I value my independence more than the need to be with someone if that person is not worthy of my time and attention.