I would rather be SMART than BEAUTIFUL.

I have said this line over and over again and even wrote them on my Facebook wall. The human brain is the source of intelligence and should not be relegated to the back seat. 

Beauty may be powerful on the exterior but it fades with time and not even science can alter that. Perhaps, they can buy the delay of aging but eventually, gravity will take its toll on the physical aspect of human existence.

The Brain is immortal and can survive beyond a lifetime, for all intellectual works do not fade because they can be added to the archive of human knowledge.

The human intellect can transcend ideas from now to forever. Human beauty may impress the eyes or it can attract a lover but the mind is more valuable than mere romanticism.

 I am sorry for not advancing the cause of physical aestheticism. I am aware that being beautiful is important to a consumer-oriented society where beauty is a requirement for social acceptability and also the most potent source of profit for industries that capitalize on this aspect for survival.

I respect this fact and I am not against the truth. However, I advise you to look at the unpopular definition of existence. 

To dig deeper instead of being content with what is shallow.


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