Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Philippine Bangsamoro Muslim Society on Facebook

If you have a facebook account and you are a Bangsamoro Muslim, please join us in this group. 

 Brief Facts: 

1. Date of Creation: January 30, 2014 

2. Motivation: Unity of the Bangsamoro Muslims towards the understanding of their unique culture and collective rights. 

3. Members: ALL the Bangsamoro Muslims and non-Muslims in Mindanao 

4. Medium of Interaction and Thread Exchange: a. Diplomacy b. Tact c. Professionalism d. Objectivity 

5. Reason for Banning: Troll, Disrespect, Foul language, Attack Against People or Groups. 

6. Other Objectives: 

a. Exploring issues concerning the MILF-GPH peace agreement 

b. Exploring issues about the Bangsamoro Community 

c. Exploring issues on Justice, Truth and Fairness 

 7. Strict Requirement: NO FAKE PROFILES.

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Empowered Women