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It is always important to start your day with positivity. Having the right mindset to work with can lighten your day and inspire you to do your best.

I can understand why most people cannot be positive to start the day. Upon waking up, they are met with family and work-related problems. They find it hard to smile and focus on other things. I understand that very well.

Positivity is a daily struggle. It is a decision to stay positive no matter what.

It is a commitment to yourself and those around you. 

A positive attitude is contagious.


Thank you, dear Noelle.

Noelle Chan is the darling daughter of my dear friend on Facebook, Lee Chan.

This drawing  fills my heart with joy.

Having connected to a young child whose heart is full of innocence is truly a gorgeous experience for me.

I consider this as one of the most inspiring gifts I have ever received online. 

If I remember it right, it was two years ago that she drew this for me. Darling Noelle knows I love cats and she does too.

You are such an angel, dear Noelle.