Sunday, August 4, 2013

Who am I?

This is one of my favorite quotes. So connecting to my soul.

I have always been an advocate of pro-poor activities be it in the government or in the private sector. It is not only a favor done to others but done to your soul as well. If you connect to other people to help them, you are raising your soulful level thus increasing your awareness on the plight of other people not as privileged as you are. A poor can help another poor, and this unifies the helper and the helpee.

Many question the efforts of charity workers for they say that it promotes mendicancy or social parasitism. I disagree.

Mendicants are not the creation of charity works but of a flawed, economically decripit government. The result of unemployment and unequal opportunity for financially rewarding activities. No poor man wants to be poor, forever.

That is why a poor man is a product of his ecomically inefficient government. The more other sectors, like the non-government agencies, should fill in the gap to help answer this social problem.

Hence, the next time you ask someone his name, please do not based your impression of him on what he does not have externally. Focus on his internal wealth, the one you can cultivate to make him a better person.

Empowered Women

Empowered Women