Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Spiritual Lift of Lifting Up Others

It fills me up. It inspires me. It is addictive and I am not going to stop doing it.

Reaching out and touching lives will always be my life path.

No matter how I try to re-channel my focus, there is a strong unseen force pulling me to the same direction.

The sad truth is I am not wealthy and my resources are limited. But no matter how small, I will find a way. Islam decrees that helping the needy is a must and to share no matter how small is a moral obligation of those who are able to do it.

Mendicancy is not a product of idle minds, nor it is the result of charity. It is a flawed reasoning to blame the helpers for the unresponsive economic condition of the poor. The correct way to look at poverty is to understand that economic opportunity for decent jobs is nil. Their government system does not provide for the condition to empower them financially. They get stuck to the same scenario over and over again.

That is why, help from all sectors will always be an important effort for poverty alleviation. It is OUR universal task to be a part of this mission.

Do what you can in your own little way. The point is you are doing something to help solve the problem. :)

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