Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Count on yourself everyday

I know that most of us can relate to this.

When confronted with adversity, whom do you run to?

Who else but to people we trust and we expect to protect us.

However, not all those people we expect to help us will be there when we need them.

Sometimes, they do not like to fight our battle and choose to keep a safe distance.

They might choose to keep their silence instead of defending you.

The truth is, people will always protect their personal interest. Unless they truly love you beyond words, they will go out of their way to show you their sincerity.

The sad thing is, those you expect to stand up for you are the very ones who would not lift a finger to do that.

If this happens to you, then calm down and smile. Face life with a stronger resolve. In fact, celebrate the truth for it is a REVELATION. God has shown you that you have to let go of people who are not worthy of your time and attention. 

Anything negative that comes your way is a revelation of positivity. Convert the negative to positive.

Never expect. Face life counting on yourself more than ever.

That should the case, everyday, as long as you live.

Smile, life is beautiful no matter what. :)

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Empowered Women