Sunday, January 27, 2013

Why do you choose to stay in a relationship with your beloved?

Good morning from the Philippines. :)

 I was engaging my dear friends in one of my facebook groups to discuss about interpersonal relationships.

 I posted this question: Why do you choose to stay in a relationship with your beloved?

I shared my personal opinion, which reads:

Let me start. But I need to state the essence of what being in a relationship is for me. 

 1. When I am in a relationship, I am aware of what my focus is. As an advocate of positivity, I am open to understand and embrace imperfections and hoping that my partner is aware of that and he would not attempt to change me but support me instead. 

 2. I say partner, for a relationship is a partnership, it is not about the EGO thing. It is practically uniting, owning too the hurts of your partner. If one judges the other without asking, that is where the mistake lies. 

 3. Personally speaking, it is more risky to stay in a relationship that has more anger than love..more doubts than trust..more negativity than positive energy. 

 4. I stay where there is love, trust and kindness. Otherwise, why should I? For me, to love someone is to support him and not change his outlooks. Giving him all the space he needs. Not being constantly needy or imposing. But always there when he needs me. One can love without imprisoning the thoughts and actions of your beloved. 

 Klimmy Gaviola said: " Because you never stop liking one another."

We have individual reasons for staying in a relationship but the foremost of them is when we know that the relationship will contribute to the growth of your partner and yours.

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