Monday, May 21, 2012

Going gaga over Lady Gaga

By Princess Maleiha B. Candao

The singer is getting much publicity for the local government's subjective standard on what is morally right for the youth to view.

A publicity that serves the singer more than those who oppose her music genre.

Leah Salonga said censorship should be a no, no, for Lady Gaga saying that she is not a satanist as others claim she is for her controversial song, "Judas" (I have not heard of that song for I am not Lady Gaga follower.)

The main point is whether the censorship is fair or is it fair for any music industry to use "crazy publicity" to sell their products?

Do you remember Madonna and her unending gimmick to sell her craft to the public?

Why is the public in return catering to such pseudo-artistic circus?

Or why is the public so attracted to the "twisted and seemingly unacceptable craft that demeans our moral values?"

Why are rebel values getting support?

Is it a statement of rebellion against the church or any faith for that matter because of the widespread hypocrisy on what is expected to be moral but what is happening is the reverse?

Let us examine this issue in depth and not just single-out one artist. I am not saying that those who oppose the "Gaga show" is wrong.

What I am saying is for us to take a closer and deep look on our professed values and see how this is being practiced in real life.

Just thinking aloud.


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