Wednesday, March 7, 2012

From outside looking in

From outside looking in, you might think you know everything. This one seems real but it is not. You need to know, feel and taste what is "everything" beyond your senses, before you could convince yourself that you can relate to situations outside your shoes.

Yes, you could relate. For you know what you are talking about because you know the truth. But for those who know nothing about the whole truth, we could not blame them if they disregard how you feel and what you believe in, EASILY. They can just take one look at it and think that it is just a simple issue.

If you were born in a volatile situation and you managed to document every detail in your mind and heart, there is no escape from it. The sad thing is if some people would just shrug their shoulders and say that "there is nothing to worry about."

They sound insensitive for not recognizing what other people like you went through. So easy for them to forget things that they did not experience. All in the name of objectivity,

You have a choice in this world. One, is to live your life meeting the expectations of other people. Second, is to live according to your expectations and principles in life.

It is best to know your mind and heart before you want others to appreciate you. Be true to yourself no matter what,

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