Sunday, December 4, 2011


I link to you like the moon is linked to the stars..
I link to you like the sky where the sunset marks it place..
I link to you with all issues that affect humanity
For like you, I am my mind and my heart..

I link to you with the cry for peace
like the unborn child dependent to his mother..
like the birds finding refuge in the branches of trees
like Palestine's hunger for serenity
when nations of power dwell each other..

I link to you for justice
like the injustice done to a loved one
for using justice as the way to keep politics safe
yet we were denied the truth

I link to you with my right for privacy
when my peace is harassed
owing to bisexual stalking that uses friendship as disguise..

I link to you my secret admirer
from far and near
you might exist in silence
and I thank you for such attention
which I will respect unconditionally
Contented from afar, not imposing
I owe you my gratitude..

I link to you Philippine president
In your hands you hold the Bangsamoro Muslims
in your decision you can sentence them
Give them the peace they need
Do not riddle them with bullets
For the unborn deserve to see
the beauty of this country
with their rights in safety..

I link to you my FB friends
you are my heart at facebook
inspiration beyond measure
my smile and peace..
my dear dearest friends.

I link to you my friends in this world
wherever you are..whoever you are..whatever you do
I link my heart to YOU.

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