Monday, November 28, 2011

How to Make Peace Possible?

A very simple question but many people find it hard to answer. Differences in perspective and background coupled with attitudinal problem is one reason that peace becomes a mere lip service.

To make peace possible, you need to live by example. You have to agitate people to value it because it is important and therefore it must be a priority action.

If you have the means to any forum, speak about it and recommend it as a way of life.

Everyday your peaceful nature is being challenged by outside forces. Hence, you need to ensure that your advocacy stays no matter what. Here are some ways to preserve peace in your community, family or wherever you are.

1. Write on the importance of peace. Recommend it everyday. Inspire people to value peace all the time.

2. Avoid arguments about religion. This topic will boil down to more arguments and conflict. Religion is a right. If you question the details of one's worship, you can expect rebuttal from the other camp. It is the anti-thesis of peace.

3. Inspire people with your thoughts and actions. Influence your community to embrace positivity for it is an imperative requirement to make peace a reality. Happy and inspired people find it easy to be kind with their friends, family and community.

4. Be appreciative and generous of praise. Express gratitude and appreciation when necessary. The gift of kind words lasts beyond lifetime.

5. Be sincere and true but polite. Always deal with the truth no matter what. Show sincerity and truthfulness in everything you do with politeness.

You are an agent of peace. Help make the world become a better place.

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