Friday, August 5, 2011

The INSANITY of being in-love

He he he. So what is the insanity? Being in-love?

Millions of people around the world believe that love makes the world go round. Why not? It is obvious.

Arguing outside the traditional mind-set, one person in-love is willing to travel as far as the last continent of the earth just to see the significant other.

Love decreases geographical gap owing to the passionate and emotional desire to be with the special person desired.

The need to complete oneself with the other person is defined as emotional partnership. Whether that bond is physical or emotional, a person gets satisfaction from knowing that he belongs to another person. Or he has someone to run to, even if he just loves walking most of the time.

The need to fill-up the space of solitude is not love, but just the desire to get attach with someone. This kind of "want" or "need" will not last for it merely aims to satisfy something lacking..something wanted or needed.

My argument rests on the truthfulness that true love is the personal knowledge of both your heart and mind that you desire to be with someone because it is a constant feeling of wanting to commit..not just wanting to be owned.

For me, the term "possession" seems to be a threat, because I would rather be loved not owned.

NO OFFENSE MEANT, but most men think that having the woman they desire is a confirmation of their ego. This alone will push a man to experiment on his attractiveness hence if the woman reciprocates the attention, the challenge dies and the perceived undying love loses its potency. The relationship bores the man or the woman.

There is a clear misunderstanding between the motive of the heart and ego. We cannot account for the involvement of the mind because our cerebral faculties are adjusted to be functional and not destructive.

Now, what is my point?

The sanity of not being in-love is you know that you are in control of your actions and intentions. You tend to be objective about your very own emotions for you are not clouded with passion and the longing to be with someone just because you want to know if you can get the same answer for
the emotional equation that has been playing in your mind.

The insanity of being in-love is confusion. It is you who confuse yourself for not knowing how to stand in a relationship most especially if you are not ready to commit. Sometimes you thought you love someone just because you feel good whenever you are with that person.

However, true love is timeless, and it is the simple feeling of wanting to have that person BEYOND your personal needs but for the beloved.

True love is wanting to keep the person if you see him happy with you but willing to give him up if he is not happy, partly happy or happy but confused with you. In other words, true love is not self-focus but focuses on your significant other.

You evolve with the desire to love him but always ready to let go if the need arises. Most people think that love and happiness go together. For me, it is immaterial if I am happy, as long as my loved one is happy.

True love borrows happiness from the beloved. It is not the kind of happiness you demand, you plan or you enforce to make it a reality.

It is a common knowledge that true love brings mutual happiness for both person in-love, Yes, in some aspects of the relationship, most especially during the honeymoon stage. Later on, when familiarity seeps in, differences magnified and passion is gone, that is the right time to weigh the decision if you are to commit or not.

Commitment is best if the relationship could withstand all trials that come along. For if done haphazardly, then one will be forced to stay in a bond owing to the need to do so not because he loves to.

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