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Official Statement of the CANDAO CLAN on the LIGUASAN MARSH Controversy

This official statement of the Candao clan is with reference to an alleged report made by the United States Embassy tagging the name of my father, former ARMM Governor Datu Zacaria Candao, as a claimant of the Liguasan Marsh in Maguindanao. Said report was prepared during the time of US Ambassador Kenney to the Philippines in 2006 but was made available in Wikileak early this week.
In the name of TRUTH and FAIRNESS, we stand by the fact that the US Embassy diplomatic cable is “baseless and unfounded."
For the record, my father, Datu Zacaria Candao, has not filed any claim of the Liguasan Marsh in the past nor has he authorized any member of the Candao clan or any third party to lobby or make a claim of Liguasan Marsh on his behalf.
My father has openly addressed this problem during his incumbency as a major issue that has to be resolved between the Government of the Philippines and the MILF.
As a staunch advocate of peace in Maguindanao, the former Governor would support all talks …