Saturday, February 5, 2011

Which way?

 There you go again, confused and embattled.

You do not know which way to go.

Choosing life's way is in your hands. That starts from birth but allow fate to intervene indispensably.

I guess, life is a combination of challenge, mystery, decisions and fate.


You face life with two awareness of your being: You can seize life or you can choose to let other people decide for you.

Challenge comes in if you feel you can't seize everything, hence Mr. Ego, the mighty and proud, comes in to say never to give up. I see you smiling dear reader. You know I am talking about you. In some way perhaps. :)

Challenge is an energizer, psychological and intellectual. You always want to deliver and prove your critics wrong. But pause for a little and ask yourself: how long will I have to prove myself?

You need not prove anything. You are entitled to your life.

People view things subjectively--they feel most concern on issues and things that they cannot reach. Issues that hurt their principles and values. If they cannot achieve the change for themselves, they will go for those who can.

It is normal to identify ourselves with popular causes.

But if you know yourself better than anyone else, do your share but you need not keep on proving. That is living your life with other people's expectations of you.

Not good. Be yourself.

Trust your own judgment even if others fail to see your point.

The real challenge is standing up for what you believe in under any given circumstance.

Have the strength to have an independent mind in the midst of the crowd. Too much identification loses your individuality.

You cannot always be nodding if you feel like saying no. You will hurt those who expect you to follow their whims--in the end, you may lose them but not your self-respect.


You and I are still a mystery to each other no matter how close we are.

Every minute of your thoughts is yours and you can choose not to share them. Change, being the only permanent thing on this world, will push you to adapt or abandon your previous decisions. You are human that is why you are vulnerable to change.

Hence, there is a need to institutionalize commitment. This will keep previous words intact, safe and secured.

Marriage for one is an example of an institutionalized commitment. You need to stay married whether you like it or not.

Marriage has the elements of change and mystery which are intertwined. You may be with someone who is no longer the same twenty or more years ago.

True love does not exist without flaws. A couple may look at the same direction but the element of change can vary in intensity and interest.

Mystery is a part of life for we are all constantly changing.


We can not talk about permanent decisions without considering the future consequences of the way we have chosen.

Consider my arguments for Challenge and Mystery. These three things (challenge, mystery and decisions) are interrelated.

The decision maker is anchored on the personal challenge and mystery that he secretly keeps somewhere in his mind. Whatever he hides will come out subconsciously.


Can we question the will of God?

Take for instance a situation when a man has committed himself to one woman for the rest of his life. Not necessarily between a married couple, but can be between two committed lovers.

Suddenly fate leads you to another person who never thought could touch your life. But he did and very strongly.

Fate shows you choices.

You might have dreamt of becoming a good businessman but fate led you to the wonderful world of writing.

You can be a good businessman and a writer at the same time but if by choice you prefer to be a writer, then you need to focus on what fulfills your personal preference.

You can be creative by combining both business and writing provided you know how to manage what you do with your time.


Take time to smile. If you are bewildered by choices, smile. If someone hurts you, cry, but later on, smile. If you have no one to hold you when you are down, smile!

Life is a matter of choice. The truth is, you have to live with your choices, good or bad.


rbleano said...

Very well written, it feels as if the author is talking directly to the reader. Well done, such is life very interesting and exciting. Got to read your post again to see whatever points I have missed or any ideas of my own. Have a fun Sunday dear Princess. :)

Princess Maleiha said...

Thank you Ben. Thanks for appreciating my simple craft. You are very kind. :)

I added you on my flicker friend's list. God bless you dear friend. I followed your blog. :)

rbleano said...

Oh, I am not really into blogging yet, other than opening an account. I don't know how and where to start. I am trying sort out first the cobwebs in my mind. Thanks dear Princess. :)

Princess Maleiha said...

You are welcome will enjoy blogging once you get used to it. Take care! :)

rbleano said...

Thanks dear Princess. My infant blog already has a follower. Yehey!

Now I have to post something worth following. Hmmmm. Very challenging for somebody who is used to putting out boring technical reports full of numbers. To think that the reader is an accomplished writer and a Princess is quite intimidating. It's also tough to teach old dogs new tricks.

Finally, I have decided to write my blog.

Thanks for the encouragement. Take care. :)

Don't hold your breath!

Princess Maleiha said...

Wow! Now I will not be alone on blogger! I just posted a comment on your first post, Ben! More power and good luck! :)

rbleano said...

Thanks dear Princess I will need all the help I can get. Take care and God bless you and your family. :)

Princess Maleiha said...

You are welcome, Ben. :)

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