Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Pen Minus Me

"Did I ask you to define me?" I asked a persistent suitor on facebook?

"No need, he said. You are very beautiful."

"You see my face but you do not know my thoughts."

"Because you are beautiful."

Ahhh. Thank you. You made me realized one very important thing.

The above was my conversation with a male FB user. He sent me messages and as I write, there is a new one in my inbox. He kept on asking personal questions. But when I asked him if he knows what my advocacy is, he said "no".

From now on, I told myself. I will use no personal photos as profile pictures.

It will just be my thoughts minus the face.

There shall be no face for my mind. It is my mind that I want to relay.

My advocacy is more important than anything else.

It spells my soul.

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rbleano said...

Now I know why the change in profile pictures! Pink stiletto heels, angels, child and a ring. You are really multi-faceted and exciting woman but could be very confusing. I agree that your beautiful pictures can be quite distracting but I am not complaining. Maybe you are just trying to avoid too many Valentine's greetings. :)
Wish you all the best on Valentine's day dear Princess!

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Empowered Women