Sunday, February 6, 2011

My 7 definitions of Fidelity

Defined in a million ways, adding more description to what fidelity is will be too wordy.

So I endeavor to simplify it in my own way. To answer what fidelity is, let me share what I know:

1. Fidelity is smiling to admirers but saying a firm no if they cross the line of friendship.

2. Fidelity is saying "dear" to male friends, but there is always in it the essence of brotherhood.

3. Fidelity is consulting and weighing decisions with your special someone.

4. Fidelity is being attracted to someone else but you resist the temptation to go beyond the eyes.

5. Fidelity is a commitment to exclusivity.

6. Fidelity is saying no to an expensive friendly date with an admirer just because you will not put off a simple date with your beloved.

7. Fidelity is knowing he is not the most handsome man in the world but you will never let other man take his place in your heart.


rbleano said...

Fidelity is also transparency and opening one's thought implies the same.

Princess Maleiha said...

Yes, transparency is truthfulness but not all who open their minds are truthful. Thanks for the comment. ;)

rbleano said...

Come to think about it you are absolutely correct!

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