Friday, February 4, 2011


Cat Steven sings:

Yes I am being followed
by a moonshadow
Leaping and hopping
on a moonshadow..
moonshadow, moonshadow..

This author says:

even in
broad daylight
with a mask
tattered "divine"..
Crushing the innocent..
scarring the free

This moonshadow
is not for you and me.
Just a struggle for fame.

I know where the moon is.
Up above and in the hands of God.

Yet God is too kind
not to follow me
for He knows
the color of my heart.

I shall not
open my soul
for fun.
I just happen to know
where I stand.

of love and kindness
are my friends.

They will bring sunshine
every now and then.

The universe has tiny spaces for truth and kindness. We all seek to fill up those emptiness to bridge peace in the universe. As we give a drop for healing wounded hearts, we must be careful not to step on toes. For not all freedom is without conscience. We are human and we learn from our mistakes. Learning means a vow for change...sealed in the heart of silence.

I cannot be happy seeing people in misery..even those perceived to be our "enemies". For I do not nurture That is toxic in my heart.

Time has passed by and never did I use my sites to hurt those who hurt us. My arms are open wide pointing to the sky for God.

To God is my complete surrender. He knows my heart, soul and mind.

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