Saturday, February 12, 2011

Facebookers react to Mubarak's resignation

Growing dissent from the Egyptian people sent former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak out of his post leaving his thirty years of alleged oppressive rule in Egypt.

The Egyptian people got world attention when they marched on the streets to demand for the resignation of Mubarak.

United States President Barack Obama has called on Mubarak to step down but to no avail.

The latter stood his ground but later on surprised the world when he left the presidency Friday (February 11, 2011).

Following his resignation, the Egyptian people rejoiced upon which could be considered as their success in toppling the Mubarak regime.

Earlier threats posed by Mubarak's government gave the impression that violence and more deaths will be the result of such revolution.

News reports bared that prison cells in Egypt were left opened by the local police to allow inmates to attack those who were rallying for freedom against former President Hosni Mubarak.

Egypt was ruled by Mubarak from 1981 to 2011.

I asked some of my friends to share their minds on Mubarak's resignation and here are their thoughts:

Luis Anselmo Pulmones said he was "pleasantly surprised with the news but at the same time somewhat uncertain. I'm still waiting on what the composition of the new Egyptian government will be."

Camilo B. Millendez shares the happiness of the Egyptians in their homeland but has stressed that "their victory is just 50%, they should be sure that Mubarak"s replacement comes from their ranks, otherwise it is just changing the collar of the same dog. This did happened to us, Filipinos."

Millendez was referring to the two people power revolution that happened in 1986 and 2001 in the Philippines unseating two former Presidents-the late President Ferdinand Marcos and former President Joseph Estrada respectively.

Vaysha Marohombsar spoke of her elation for the Egyptians. " Alhamdulillah! At last Egypt has been liberated after decades of repression."

Samuel Uchenna Okwara strongly said: A new wave of governance has evolved in Egypt and is transgressing to Africa on the whole. People have understood that we live to participate. Democracy has come to stay. Aluta Continua, Victoria Acerta!

Khomieni Sariol Mohammad congratulated the people of Egypt wishing that their nation will hold onto that freedom and have a prosperous future.

Akram Latip added that "It's good and I hope the entire Middle East including Saudi Arabia have the same transition to democracy."

Peace advocate Bobby Benito asked on democracy: " Demo-craZy? s probably was the reason why we were all crazy. I don't think this system would be applicable in Saudi. I don't think Culture of nakedness is allowed in Saudi, it is also wrong to legalize the Casino and Bar in Mecca."

Opinions vary among facebook users. Many are joyful for the Egyptians but they still have reservations on what comes next after Mubarak's departure from the presidency.

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