Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Conquering Leia

An original short story
by Princess Maleiha
All Rights Reserved

Leia is not going to answer the call from her mobile. She stood up from bed and readies herself for office. She heard a knock on the door. The house helper told her breakfast is ready. It is time for her to go back to reality and off to work.

She has been daydreaming these past few days.

Leia is an executive in one advertising agency that competes for the attention of companies willing to spend millions just to promote their products.

Leia, a strong manager, competitive and loves her work tremendously. Her work is her priority.

She has many admirers but Leia has not fully committed herself to any man.

She met Leo after she broke up with her former boyfriend, Robert.

Leo and Leia have strong personalities, hence, someone has to give in to settle any conflict in the relationship. Sometimes it is Leo and Leia also does her part if needed.

Leo is the protective type. He wants to know everything. He says because he loves Leia so he has to know how she is as often as possible. If she misses to text, Leo will get mad. If she fails to ask for his permission, Leo will give her a cold treatment.

"Hey, a penny for your thoughts?" says Rita, the always smiling amiable secretary of Leia.

"Nothing". Leia replied with a grin.

"Robert called few minutes before you arrived. He said he wanted to see you. You have to face him or else...."

"Hmmm..and what, he would call me again, Rita?" I just have to avoid him for everything about us is over!"

"Don't you think I told him about that a million times, Leia?! But he is determined."

Robert is the humble type, the submissive one. He makes Leia feel that she is always special while Leo is the opposite type.

Maybe that is why Robert is different from Leo. Robert is always there for her. Even if he knows that Leia wanted to break up with him.

Leo on the other hand is not the sweet type. Rough. Two different men, both competing for Leia's love.

Competing? No.

Robert does know about Leo but Robert knows Leia wants it over between them. But he won't give up.

The phone rings..once, twice. Leia muted the volume and continued with her work. Suddenly a rushing Rita opened her door with a very good looking man behind her.

"I am sorry Leia, I could not stop Robert."

"It is okay Rita..let him in."

"Why are you avoiding me, Lei?"

That is what Robert calls her,"Lei".

He whispers that name in her ears when she is hysterical.

Robert knows how to calm her.

Leo is different, he would leave her alone.That quite turned off Leia.

She stared at him and smile.."coffee?".

"Lei, stop that..I know that can't evade me now.."

He leaned towards her and attempted to kiss her but Leia stood up and went near the window. Her office is always her zone for relaxation.

She loves the green scenery just right in front of her window. Her mind was drifting far, thinking of Leo.

Suddenly, he felt Robert's arms all around her."Please"

She has to choose between Leo and Robert.

Leia wants to end it with Robert after hearing that he slept in the house of his ex-girlfriend.

Robert kept explaining that he was with his brother when that happened to assist the family with some important matters. Robert was already like a family member to them and had a very close relationship with the father of his former girlfriend.

"Lei, my brother slept beside me all night."

Leia, the stubborn type, attended a gathering of executives and met Leo there. Fresh from a break-up, Leia was vulnerable. Both passionate, the two clicked instantly.

She still loves Robert but Leo holds her interest now. But she needs to choose.

The time is now.

"Robert..I need to tell you something".

"Sssshh..come here..let me take you to a wonderful breakfast and no more buts"..

Robert is always sweet. He takes care of her everyday, check on her by phone and sometimes he would visit her unexpectedly to dine together. They both enjoy the sea and this is one reason that Leia finds it hard to leave him--Robert has not changed a bit since she last knew him. Always humble.

But how about Leo?

For Leia, Leo is her exact replica in the male form. They are similar in thoughts and passion.

This however, became a problem for Leia because unlike Robert, Leo wants to feel that his decision should come first before Leia's.

There are times that Leia wanted to give him up now that she sees his true color. The cold and domineering type. But avoiding him seems difficult for her now.

Leia tied up with Leo in one business. But if she has to, she can leave the partnership.

The meal with Robert was sweet. Leia feels secured whenever he is around. He knows how to take care of her.

She has to choose now for the longer it takes for her to decide, the more likely that she will hurt more hearts.

She is sleepless.

She needs to make a decision. She has to be with someone who loves her and puts her first before anything else. She must not only be an option. She knows who is the right one for her after all these years.

Tomorrow, she has to end it. She dialed the number of the man she will meet tomorrow. Leia has to say her goodbye to him and get the closure between them.

Robert or Leo?

The phone rings...she heard the voice on the other line.


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