Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Ahh..speechless I am for all these words, always cursing and no more time for healing.

Judgment seems insurmountable created by perfect minds with imperfect deeds. Is it too hard to draw a line between what is kindness from what is hypocrisy. That is why I am cautious in judging people because I am imperfect. Human as I am, I err.

Peace is not a gift given but an attitude worked with dedication. It is not easy to achieve peace in a world where human bias and prejudice hover over individual respect. For who speaks against an err is not credible if he errs himself.

Silence does not mean you condone..silence means you know but hurting words will not heal the system. Silence means you will dedicate your life to correct the system for it will not help if you keep throwing mud at other people's faces, if you know that you have a blot in your own life too.

Correcting a system is technical in its process but not humane-free. When we live in the human world, it is a world of EMOTIONS intertwined with personal mission and vision.

Honestly, I cannot breath in an environment where I hear more curses than forgiveness. My mind cannot fly high and my lungs feel tightened by the grip of too much righteousness in a world where perfection is the exclusive domain of God.

It is not too deep to intellectualize..hence I always write with my emotions. Technical exposition is not my thing for now, hence I write with my emotions. As you read this my dear reader, you read my heart, my mind is half-awake to allow my emotions to find its freedom.

Ahhh..speechless..I am turning to some music from ENYA to make me breath. Is there anyone among you who can house me with inspiring thoughts while I am online. Please add me on facebook.


rbleano said...

Good morning dear Princess. I totally agree. I am referring to fb that has been full of chatter the last couple of days. I am taking a break and following your example, its Norah Jones for me. :)

Princess Maleiha said...

Indeed, many words..I prefer to be silent. :)

rbleano said...

Hard to forgive and even harder to forget. :)

Princess Maleiha said...


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Empowered Women