Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I watched the news this evening on ABS-CBN.

The news showed the recent incident of bus bombing in Makati. Four dead and fourteen wounded as of the latest report. A hospital scene was followed by some interviews. Apparently, another act of terrorism was made on the birth anniversary of the late President Corazon Aquino. The mother of the incumbent President, Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino.

Was it intentionally done to insult the president? Or was it done to terrorize the Filipino masses?

Only the police authorities have the answer to this. But minds will speculate not unless this series of mysteries will be put to rest. It could be post-election related crimes.

To live requires absolute security and this is the knowledge that we are protected by the police and other law-enforcement agencies. The constitution states that every Filipino's right should be protected and upheld.

Pessimism has grown deep for the justice system in this county has always been in questioned. A battle between the rich and the poor.

It is getting late. I shall unravel again in my next update. Briefly and direct.

I have more thoughts in my mind but for now I need to rest my pen.

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Princess Maleiha Bajunaid Candao said...

Anyone can speculate on the motives of the criminals. But the fact remains that a crime was committed against humanity. The administration must have concrete steps to solve this repeated acts of violence, seemingly endless and senseless crimes.

Norman Sison said...

This crime is indiscriminate, not caring who gets hurt, and PLAIN STUPID. This does not win publicity points for perpetrators. That's basic public relations.

Princess Maleiha Bajunaid Candao said...

I agree! :)

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