Monday, December 20, 2010


Life is ambivalent.

Our choices create confusion causing sleep disturbance and a perturbed mind. We all yearn for it.

Serenity is the internal soul in us, speaking to us during life's pressure-- the moment we want to disengage from the harsh reality of life.

Life is not a gift of serenity, it is more of screaming at you straight to the face to test your limits. The earth is a battleground, the place where political and economic power is more important than life itself.

People get killed for power and some are ready to risk everything for it-- 'rat race mentality'.

We can find serenity not in the midst of men who wrestle with each other for political power nor the leaders of the corporate world who seek to profit from the underprivileged.

You need to find serenity for it will not search for you.

Start inside your soul.


Daniel said...

There was no email so I'm posting this as a comment. Please remove after reading so as not to distract from your post.



This is a selective invite to a new forum. By 'selective' it means that those whom I have sent this invitation to for one reason or another impressed me with their writing and fields of interest on their website, blog, or from somewhere else and sometimes it was just the feeling I got between the lines that I thought they might be interested in this type of forum.

It's called, Nowhere Forum and whenever convenient please visit to have a look and read the introduction, "Welcome to Nowhere Forum" in the 'Center' section to get an idea of the intent for it. It has been been online for over a couple of months now and has 21 participants thus far. There's no rush to fill it up with names or postings, the premise is somewhat different than other forums and the reasons for that are also noted in the intro.

Though this invitation can be regarded as a solicitation for registrants, my personal attitude is more that I'm letting some individuals know of a place on the map and they can decide for themselves if it suits their itineraries. :)

Thank You and Best Wishes


Princess Maleiha Bajunaid Candao said...

My apology for the late approval of your comment. This was marked in the spam section, probably the reason why I could not see it in my regular comment box.

I wish many would join your site. Thank you for the invitation, Daniel, but as for now I limit my writings to my own blogs because my time online does not suffice for me to link up with other sites.

Good luck! :)

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Empowered Women