Valuing our Mentors

The Philippine government should never hesitate to spend more funds to develop the education sector to increase the quality of schooling in this country.

The labor sector needs to benefit as well to improve the living conditions of the farmers, fisherfolk, vendors, laborers and even our teachers.

There has to be a political will from the executive department.

For instance, in the past, the government is required to provide funding sustainability in providing services for education and health. But history has shown us instead that funds were diverted to other projects that do not benefit these areas.

Most of the efforts came from non-government organizations to help elevate the literacy rate in our country. The sad part is that many teachers were deprived of their salaries owing to mismanagement of funds but notwithstanding, they still deliver their responsibilities even in the far-flung areas of this country.

They deserve more attention from the government.


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