Thursday, August 26, 2010

Once in One's Life

Once in one’s life, man has to understand the meaning of existence. It is not merely breathing in oxygen to stay alive, it also means the strike of awakened consciousness.

Once in one’s life, a man needs to make a decision. He has to brave the heights to climb the highest mountain so that he will know the experience of being in two opposite circumstances: being at the top or at the bottom.

Should a man’s struggle lead to his demise? Should faulty beliefs win over goodness? Man’s evil is not his curse but a curse to other innocent beings.

The deadly hostage drama of the late police officer Senior Inspector Rolando Del Rosario Mendoza is an example of how ” justice” was deformed to suit one man’s struggle for self-worth.

It was a reflection of how people like Mendoza can protect their honor by dishonoring the entire police force.

Mendoza had options, but he chose the wrong way. It was a do or die situation for he wanted public sympathy. Perhaps he did not want to kill the innocent victims but he was in a no-win situation. Pushed to the wall, death was the only way out.

We could not or should not generalize a situation of one man’s distorted quest for self-worth as the holistic image of men in uniform. That will be another injustice–a stagnant mentality.

I sympathize with the innocent Chinese victims, whose fate should not have reached that excruciating point driven by Mendoza. Said hostage incident was aggravated by wrong strategy which resulted to more deaths.

But where did all those bullets come from? Why was there a need to spray bullets on the tourist bus? What was the need for the open firing if the status of the people inside the bus was not yet established?

Indeed, it is another slap on the tourism industry and a deep laceration on the reputation of our country.

How so ironic that we must accept the contrasting blows of fate–a tragedy that hurt our national pride although regaining momentum after the Philippines ranked four in the Miss Universe 2010 pageant.

I got accustomed to hearing : “if one door closes, another one opens”–perhaps it would be morally uplifting if our police force could strive harder to make our country stay at the top with a sterling reputation in combating lawlessness within their ranks.

But then again, once in our lives, there will always be an ugly shadow chasing the blue sky or lurking above our smiles.

August 24, 2010
Davao City


ianemv said...

The tragic incident also wakes up the government to review how our "special" forces should handle situation alike.

It was really disappointing to learned from an on-going investigation that everyone was pinpointing who was supposed to lead the situation. And I can't avoid to feel angry towards them.


I understand you. The situation showcased the incapability of the responding policemen to handle the hostage-taking crisis with efficiency. They still need more field training and skillful management of fatal events like that.

However, it is fair if we give credit to them for risking their lives but hoping that if a similar situation arises in the future, they can contain it, not only with courage but with correct strategy as well.

rbleano said...

My son who is a resident orthopedic surgeon at the PGH operated on one of the victims on her left hand. Another doctor operated on her right hand and a third on her jaw which was shattered. This particular victim was obviously shot at close range where she tried covering herself with both hands before getting shot.

Princess Maleiha said...

I am speechless Kuya..such a painful image of the victim. Thank you for the heads-up, Kuya and congratulations for having a great son, by a great dad. :)

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