Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Culture Shock

 I had this exchange of notes with a friend in one forum thread. He is not a Filipino hence his concept on culture shock is different from that of a Filipino.I understood him.

Compared to foreigners ,the Filipino family is close-knit, and this is proven in the presence of extended families in most Filipino homes.

Westerners were taught to be independent at an early age hence it is easy for them to leave their families at young age.

One foreigner reacted to my point of view and he defined culture shock as a thing that ordinarily happens everyday. In fact, he said: "One does not have to "move" to experience culture shock. Just being placed in an environment that is totally different than what one is accustom to can also trigger culture shock."

His definition summed up his understanding of culture shock based on his personal background. There is no argument on that matter.

But for Filipinos, "culture shock" involves a long process of struggle to overcome the emptiness and longing for the families back home in the Philippines. It is not an ordinary experience for it is a difficult battle with reality.

That is one big difference.

A Filipino suffers culture shock whether lingering or only for a short period of time. The fact remains that "culture shock" is prevalent among Asian people.

Apparently, if Filipinos have a better choice, they would not leave their country if the same opportunity for financial growth is available in the Philippines.

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