Be not God

When I was a moderator of an online forum site in 2007,  an argument ensued between me and a fellow moderator about the issue whether to create a nude thread or not. 

My personal stand was in the negative, in defense of the other women who might not desire to expose their bodies in public.

My colleague told me that I have no right to suppress the freedom of expression or to put it bluntly, what he meant was the freedom to show the women genitalia.

The debate went on with my following stand:

"The issue here is NOT THE CREATION OF THE THREAD PERSE. The main issue here is "exposing nudity." This moderator recommends that the thread is accessed with a password and not available for public view.

The irked male moderator said: What is wrong with being true in threads?

To that, I replied: To rephrase your question, what you meant was: "What is wrong if we become public about our libido?" Am I being moralistic here? Nope. I did not say that those who will favor for the creation of the thread are immoral.

Let me explain:

1. Filipina women share the sense of "delicadeza". We cover for each other to protect our collective reputation.We find it shameful if a woman's genitalia is exposed to the world.

2. We all value our "sense of privacy". Part of that is opting to get naked in private.

I hope I will not be faulted for standing up for my principles.

I have firmly underscored that nudity should be a matter of choice. Not all those who are on the site favor the display of such profanity. I stood for this principle. At the same time, I have also taken cognizance of the freedom of expression by suggesting that the thread is opened with a password.

I have addressed two salient human rights here: The right to view and the right not to view.

I do not know if the issue was resolved because I left the site even before it was acted upon by the administration. I got turned off by the display of pornographic ads which started to appear on the site.

Nudity is a choice. One can choose to bare herself before a trusted partner or not opt to be bare at all. No one can question one's right to choose. The only problem is that if the choice is publicized for reasons serving business interest.

Exhibitionism is always a source of public scandal. The mores and laws of man are weighed between good character and morality.

Outside of this is a taboo. This is defined by many as imprisonment by morality.. the Nietzsche's definition of morality holding mankind by the nose.

But we have no choice. In order to preserve the moral order and God's teachings in the hearts of the believers, we should know the proper social manners.

A deviant is condemned before understood. A morally upright person gets the nod of everyone.

While I assert that nudity is a matter of choice, meaning one is free to decide if he or she would like to expose their bodies in public, the human law of sensitivity should be applied considering that Filipino values and culture will oppose exhibitionism of all sorts.

Therefore, it is proper that in a forum site managed and operated by Filipinos, this should be highly considered.

Now let me divert from this issue to another glaring truth..and that is NO MAN IS PERFECT and no one can ACT LIKE GOD to judge or condemn the errors of man.

However, before I expound and to be clear with my stand at the forum on nudity, I am of the premise that one man's desire is not forcefully imposed on the rest. If one moderator wants nudity, it does not apply that the rest will abide with it. That is why I stood as opposition.

Now, this issue on man's weakness is another angle of human choice--the right to be imperfect without condemnation.

While it is true that many people would choose to proclaim what are morally correct behaviors for social conformity, not all of us have clean lives in our private moments.

If morality dictates that man should only lust for his wife, then men of the insatiable appetite for sex will lust for all women either by fantasizing about them or pursuing them in real life. They can do this discreetly.

Hence, men and women are human beings with hidden desires that occupy their minds.

Some are loud because they are brave enough to hurdle social criticism, but some prefer to act in silence to avoid being condemned for their acts.

Our society enjoys the freedom to condemn and praise in sync. We admire people of high moral standards for the good things they display in public but later on condemn them for committing errors as human beings.

President Clinton is one example.Latest of which is Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay who admitted to his infidelity. Binay was truthful for accepting his mistake in the past, but social law and mores are used by moralists to deprive him of his right to be human.

Meaning they condemned not only the sin but also the sinner. The perfect and righteous should cast the first stone.

The common mistake of making Godly interpretation of human morality is it forgets that man himself is a house of temptation, a part of him that is inherent. However, he exercises control over his behavior because his faith in God prevails most of the time.

This is the reason that religion is imposed to direct man's behavior and tap his conscience most of the time. If he fails to deliver what it is to be an ideal Muslim, Christian or other faith.

Faith in God demands the conformity to the Godlike description of goodness. This becomes in contradictory to Freud's libido theory, that what man suppresses will fight its way out. Unexpressed and suppressed emotions make a man unstable.

Let us not discuss this issue by just focusing on the satisfaction of man's carnal desire.

Take the case of leadership. 

We form our ideal standards for the kind of leader we want to head our country. But if he falters and continues to falter, we condemn him. I agree that we need to demand an upright leader for he holds the fate of the nation and its people. 

While a man who falters alone has only himself to destroy and can still amend to reform what he has to do for his own good.

There is reformation again. The cycle of good and bad, bad and good, and this is continuous and unending. That is why we need to accept change as a part of life's system that is permanent. We can not fight it, but only accept it as a fact.

What is the point of this article? Am I saying that man must be allowed to falter?

NO, I am trying to assert that NO MAN IS PERFECT SO HE WILL FALTER.

Am I trying to convince my readers that those who falter must be forgiven and be allowed to do the same thing? NO, I am saying that since man is not perfect, he will always be inconsistent, not because he wants to but because it is his nature to get carried away by any form of temptation.Why? Because he is not God. He is human.

Judgment and Condemnation are not for humans to make. Let us leave it to God for He alone knows the reasons and intentions of every man. We are not entitled to act as God before other people for we are not God.

I am just a writer but I am not a hypocrite. I would not pretend to be always righteous for I am not. But I will not answer nor explain to you why. I will face God in my own time and to HIM alone I shall submit.

Going back to my opposition to the creation of the thread--please take note that I offered two choices. The freedom of choice is a right. I did not hamper any of those, I just simply present an option to choose from. That is the beauty of life, WE CAN ALWAYS CHOOSE THE BEST.


jim said…
I share the same views you have Madam. However, I find two important things to consider also, i.e. obscenity and the art itself. This can be relative depending on the viewer. What is obscene for one is art to the other. Thus, it is right to make it not viewable in public. By this, those with a thing for the art would likely view it.

Perhaps the other moderator who opposed your views has different upbringing. We Muslims has a different perspective as regards to nudity. We don't consider this as an art, much more to Muslim woman like you.

Varied opinions prevail in a democratic world. I was speaking as a lady and a Muslim, and the other moderator appreciates nudity as an art and a form of self-expression.

I respected the differences hence I offered the threads to be private and be accessible with a password.

The duality of opinion was expected. Hence, it is expected as well that our site guests are either for or against it.

The private thread proposal was to address the disparity and show respect to individual differences. :)

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