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Be not God

When I was a moderator of an online forum site in 2007,  an argument ensued between me and a fellow moderator about the issue whether to create a nude thread or not. 

My personal stand was in the negative, in defense of the other women who might not desire to expose their bodies in public.
My colleague told me that I have no right to suppress the freedom of expression or to put it bluntly, what he meant was the freedom to show the women genitalia.
The debate went on with my following stand:
"The issue here is NOT THE CREATION OF THE THREAD PERSE. The main issue here is "exposing nudity." This moderator recommends that the thread is accessed with a password and not available for public view.
The irked male moderator said: What is wrong with being true in threads?
To that, I replied: To rephrase your question, what you meant was: "What is wrong if we become public about our libido?" Am I being moralistic here? Nope. I did not say that those who will favor…