Tuesday, April 27, 2010

An Article Of My Heart

The original article had a definite date..the concept was to focus on the rebirth of my emotions. However, I need to rewrite it to protect the privacy of my heart

Close your eyes, those were the whispers coming out passionately. From a distance my heart was caught,made no effort to resist the flame. Back in the past when Barbra Cartland's romantic fantasy books swept off my high-school emotions to crushes and secret admirations, they never failed to make me smile. Temporary and not lasting though.

Where was I when love was born? I guess I was enclosed in the arms of my parents and cuddled by their protectiveness. At thirteen, my father was protective, hence expect gates locked and doors closed after school. I could only read love letters from my suitors, when our househelpers fearfully gave them to me when I was alone. No, there were no regrets.

My parents loved me for they wanted to protect my naivety and innocence.
At sixteen, dad gave me books to read. This time it was educational, not on the intellect but on my femininity and one of the most unforgettable books was Susana Hofman's 22 types of men. It was dad's way of telling me, choose not with haste but with taste.

Daddy opened my world on the physical intimacy between men and women and how relationships could start from heaven to hell. 

"Oh Daddy, I heard myself say, "why is it like that?"

Dad never gave me a straight answer, he just told me prepare my mind and heart. I can't protect you all my life," I remembered his words.
 At that time, I would grimaced, when my eyes caught lines that were too unconventional for me, having raised by a conservative family. However, I thanked daddy for educating me, making me see what awaits.

Yes..I need to know and discover more before I can truly say that the love that will seized me is the love that I need to last for a lifetime.

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