Why do writers write?

Writers ink their thoughts for it is a basic need on their part to express their perceptions and principles in life. They write to respond to an array of unending questions that challenge their thoughts or sometimes they write to dispute the facts in the enclaves of their minds.

Writers write to breath through their words no matter how simple those are. Writers are human beings of a world of words, of ideas and theories, poetry and illusions.

Writers write for it is their life. Tell them not to write and it would kill their right to gasp for life through the kind of expression they could skillfully share honed by their personal experiences and mastery of words describing the images of time and space.

Writers live in a microcosm of colloquy for they could think of a thousand stories to write about compared to those who have no passion for writing and find it a bore.

Writers write to share events of history through broadcast or print media. It is not the exclusive domain of the brainy but the literary demesne of the expressive homo sapiens whose cerebral faculty is entirely flexible, permeable and analytical. They are the news writers for television, radio, and newspapers.

Brilliant minded writers are those who could open new dimensions from a common perception hence elevating the standards of the mind.

Expression of the mind and the spirit comes in varied form. Some have an artistic way of doing it through their paintings, songs, carved statues and public political speeches. The art of human expression anchors on one's special capabilities.

Let me take you to a scene and make you see how a writer's mind operates in a given situation differently from those who are not inclined to write.

For instance, take a writer to a place where sunset comes in neutral colors. Out of the ordinary colors of nature, the writer's mind could transform such simple scenery into a breathtaking interlude of the mind and soul, captivating lovers and passive bystanders.

The writer's mind has the wisdom to invite people to look beyond what they see and appreciate such events of nature as a progressive and productive union of man's gratefulness to our creator for his creations.

In other words, a brilliant writer could touch the conscience of man to appreciate nature and put value in it which could be translated to an awakened social consciousness toward responsible citizenry.

Can you see my point, my dear readers? A writer writes for his mind can start at anything and stops at nothing.

In other words, writers write to free their souls through the cerebral driving of their pens and inspired by the passion locked in their hearts and minds.


Walt said…
I am a talker not a writer; however even though I can now talk on my computer, the Internet is a medium where talking has become obsolete, therefore my motivation to write is not one of passion. To write for the sake of writing as one is inspired is indeed a noble gesture. Those that do so for self edification, or solely as a commercial venture reap their own reward, according to their abilities. Those of you who write boldly from the heart without bowing to criticism deserve the highest of esteem.

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