Monday, December 28, 2009

I love you, Jaan

By Princess Maleiha B. Candao

 More than sweet candy bars and soothing promises, ours is not a fairytale. The beauty of nature is ours to keep for our love is a gift.

I ink my heart for you to see the words that you left every moment when we talk...words that came from your soul connecting to the whole of me. You appear before me when I close my eyes no matter where you are. My love, this one is for you, from my heart that is in your keeping, with your soul that is completing.

I ignore the distance that separates us because you connect with me every moment of my everyday. You never fail to fill up the emptiness of my heart for you find time to let me know that I am with you in every step of your way.

So when I say "I love you," that means we are one...devoid of shallow reasons but full of depth and commitment.

There you are from afar, yet you are just a breath away from me. In your refuge you let me in, and I see nothing but truthfulness. Your simple joys take me to heaven as you show me the truth in your heart.

Your vision is so inviting that compels me to share the same journey to what is peaceful and just. You speak of so much love and joy yet with less must be the gentle nature of your soul that sings a beautiful melody leaving an inspiration when my smiles disappear.

Tell me my love, why do I long for you? Why is my smile hiding from me whenever we are apart? Is it because our souls know that one is lacking to complete the whole? Is it because you live in me for you are the song of my music and the smile of my heart?

I see that smile again as your eyes caress my words...I feel your love in every unspoken thought. Baby, I love you..let me not just say it to make you happy..let me state it again and again for you to witness that Allah has made our fate to meet and share what is beautiful in HIS eyes.

Let ALLAH be there to guide us, for what awaits us, never fear that I will be gone. My heart will stay with you beyond our time and space for GOD is our witness.

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