Thursday, October 22, 2009

What is "Confusion" for me?

To be or not to be. This is the enigma of confusion.

Look around you and there is a random of symbols that can give rise to concepts like irony, opposites and similarities that could be taken in their literal or figurative form. Life is indeed complex and the arena of confusion.

How can we as normal beings not be confused when those people we looked up to are more often than not the ones causing the turmoil in our minds. Take for example a preacher who says things that he could not deliver by example. They could not walk the talk.

Confusion in my own definition is brought about by an inconsistent action by someone who we expect to be flawless and honest in every way, but only to find out that he failed to meet our expectations.

It is true that we do not love and live based on other people's expectations. But in the case of the example I cited above, this applies to people holding powerful or influential positions in our social and religious lives. Mostly, they are the people who we call as priests, nuns, teachers, media people, popular columnists, politicians or government leaders. The society looks up to them as leaders. Hence, it is inexcusable for them to blunder whether intentionally or not.

Moral confusion arises when a priest would tell a lie. This is unacceptable for the many who look at people of the church as holy and flawless. Meaning, that although lying is an inevitable human flaw, it is the confusing moral standard which we uphold that makes it unacceptable or hard to understand for a priest to be a liar.

It is equally confusing when a school teacher educates her students to practice the value of respect for one's chosen career, but she herself does not respect her profession. She secretly sells food products to her students and threatens to fail them in her class if they would not submit to her pressure.

In marriage, a wife gets bewildered if she finds out that her trusted husband, who constantly professed so much love for her, has plenty of extra-marital affairs.

Confusion sets in when expectations and reality do not meet halfway. Or when a truth is bared after masks were unveiled.

It is important to allow confusion to penetrate into our mental wavelengths for this will compel us to look at the details of our life without using colored lens. Confusion is our mental microscope enabling us to view the iota of our doubts and unanswered questions.

You and I are always confused about something. Welcome and face it. Learn and get over it fast but make sure that you will acquire a sense of truthful comprehension of the predicament that you are in.

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