Monday, October 26, 2009

Speaking about my Mind

The online world is full of complexity. However, I face it with optimism and faith in the goodness of people no matter who they are. I welcome friendship regardless of who my friends are for it is not my attitude to ask my new-found friends who they are and what makes them distinct from me and the rest. I would rather welcome friendship with a sincere, "How are you?"

A daily purpose for my life is imperative if I need to aim for an achievement that is relevant and productive both in the online and real world. By definition, finding relevance in life is subjective.
However, it is through individual expression that separates mediocrity from professionalism.

I am a writer, not only by profession but by choice as well. Just like other artists, creating words and forms demand mental ingenuity and originality. While painters and sculptors create with their hands and soul to express what they want to share to the world, I find meaning in using words to connect with my readers.

Each artist interprets the commonalities of life by setting distinction in their craft. The best part of it is they do it out of love and passion for their work and not just for any monetary consideration.

Writing is my craft and I derive fulfillment from it. Transcribing my thoughts and sharing it with others is self-actualizing. Getting feedback allows me to interact with my readers and fellow
writers which contributes to a well anticipated life everyday, online or in the real world.


PinoyApache said...

The writer in you brought forth understanding and respect to your readers...


Thank you Jing, for your very kind and inspiring words. :-)

Empowered Women

Empowered Women