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How can your mind kill you?

When we speak of the human mind, we are in fact referring to the human brain, which controls the central nervous system. The part that controls the higher functions is the forebrain, while the other two parts, midbrain and hindbrain, are responsible for our unconscious and autonomic functions.

Also known as the seat of intelligence, the human brain has the power and control over one's character. How an individual thinks about himself and life in general will affect in no small measure his social attitude.

Psychological studies on personality and Sigmund Freud's attempt to explain the complex reality of the brain, through his theory on id,ego and superego were in fact a struggle to understand how the mind works and how it affects man's existence. The works of great minds in the past which brought to forth amazing discoveries on science, math and human behavior only prove that the mind is a powerful instrument that could control man's destiny.

The emergence of clinical psychopathology as another arena of studying the causality of human behavior anchored on its clinical history, is another testimony that attempts to contain the negative effects of man's twisted behavioral profile.

Hence, this article aims to dig a part of the hidden iceberg in man's brains and how it could possibly lead to imbalance in man's personality or human behavior.

A small awareness on this aspect might remind us all to reflect closely on how we react to everyday pressures and how we handle ourselves to face all those challenges.

Do we act favorably or do we sabotage our actions?

Let me expound.

A healthy mind is the one that inquires sans answers. It is the desire for retort that propels an intelligent mind to explore the details of life using a non-colored monocle. A mind that yearns for knowledge reads, converses, analyzes, then concludes. Hyperboles are a no, no, no.

We use our mental competence to understand our everyday issues. These include our interpersonal relationships, our office tasks and the decisions we need to make on a daily basis. A smart mind delivers the most balance decision after an objective study of a situation. All these are possible if your mind is healthy and capable of intelligent decisions.

But what happens if your mind is working against you?

One popular proof on the fatal result of one's mental illness is the case of the world's renowned Karen Carpenter of the "The Carpenters", who died of anorexia nervosa.

The term "anorexic" became popular after her death. It caused a worldwide hiatus which made people take a closer look at this kind of mental illness.

A person suffering from this emotional disorder literally starves herself. She induces forced vomiting out of the fear of becoming fat. The usual sufferers of this mental illness are young girls or women who have a morbid fear of becoming overweight. This is a concrete example of how a disturbed mind can be fatal to its host. An example of a woman whose own mind is her greatest enemy--the SUB-CONSCIOUS ENEMY.

In its physiological effect, "anorexia nervosa" take its toll on the appetite, diminishing its victim will to eat until the human body dies out of starvation.

Anorexic patients are obsessed with the idea that their bodies are fat and therefore they need to slim down. They rate themselves unfavorably owing to their body weight.

What I have just given as an example is a clinical case of an anorexic patient whose lifestyle is focused on one aspect: to become thin and attractive to everyone's eyes.

On the flip side, in application to one's mental anatomy, an anorexic mind is a mind that starves itself from real knowledge and refuses to absorb its need for it, hence, resulting to its in-utility.

This is common. You might now know, but maybe you are exhibiting an anorexic mind.


Have you observed that you sub-consciously postpone some of the things you want to do despite of the fact that you know they will contribute to your self-growth? You postpone not because you have no means but because you REFUSE to do it, just because you DO NOT LIKE to do it.

A student who REJECTS the idea of studying his lessons; a wife who REFUSES to understand the causes of her marital woes with her husband; a husband who DENIES to acknowledge the sacrifices of his wife owing to his infidelity; a business partner who TURNS DOWN the idea of equal sharing of accrued profit with his partner owing to greed and other cases that illustrate one's capability to do something but DECLINES to do it owing to selfishness.

An anorexic mind, if allowed to control the subconscious, will become a mental habit that may result to ugly attitude in life which recognizes nothing but total self-engrossment.

An anorexic mind is a mind the does not accept explanation nor recognize fairness. It is a selfish desire to implement its will against any form of barrier.

Is this an exclusive reality of those people who are dumb? NO. An intelligent person could still exhibit "anorexic mind". If she would not welcome negotiations and would refuse to recognize his/her mistakes in life.

Is this an exclusive domain of women? No. Both sexes are doing it subconsciously.

This type of mind is fatal for it will not listen to reason. It is not likened to a stubborn mind that could still be influenced to change stance.

An anorexic mind is a closed mind, I repeat, a CLOSED MIND, which can not be opened by anyone including the host herself. It operates on its own creed and acts toward that belief until it will meets its end-or the consequences of such mentality.

Victims of anorexia nervosa are aware that they must eat in order to live. But their minds are already closed and no matter how they try to eat, their stomachs could not accept their food intake, hence vomiting follows. This is the result of extreme mental conditioning out of the fear that eating could result to obesity.

If applied to an "anorexic mind or behavior", the same symptoms or pattern of behavior will be exhibited, but not on getting thin but subliminally closing all avenues to view life with all its colors, joy and positivism.

The mind becomes so self-centered that it would disallow any form of interference as a threat to its stability. This therefore compels the owner to close it to preserve her own interest.

This article establishes one undeniable truth: The Human Mind is Dangerous if hosted by disturbed personality.

The mind has a will of its own. A caring psychological guidance that aims to neutralize the behavior of a pessimist to promote and develop positive view of life does not only depend on the training of a psychiatrist but must be supported with the love and patience from the immediate family members of the mentally disturbed individual.(end)



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