Friday, July 24, 2009

How To Start Dating Again When You Are Over 50?

  By Princess Maleiha Bajunaid Candao

 I wrote this article with focus on the woman at 50 who is accomplished, both professionally and personally. This article is for one writing site in competition for a title category. However, I am no longer active in that site so I decided to share this with the readers of this blog. The idea is to ink an article that would both encourage and inspire a woman at 50.

The most beautiful woman is the woman of 50's. She is well-accomplished as a wife, mother or a working woman. The man in her life would view her not on her chronological age but on her confidence in herself, for being able to excel in her chosen field.

It is wrong to think badly that when the first number of a woman's age strikes at 5, that means she is completely out of the female race. This is in fact the time to show the world who you are based on your personal achievements and the wholeness of the character you possessed.

Time has already taught you the humps of life and which road to take that is the shortest way to your dreams. At this age, you have managed to put in order all your priorities in life for your kids, as a single parent, or for your immediate family members if you are single and available.

This is the time to give yourself the chance to find the right man and for him to conquer you. It does not mean giving up your whole person to him but to experience the joy of having someone to hold you when you feel alone. Someone to lift up your spirit, to exchange intellectual conversations with you and most importantly, is to have someone to get soulfully connected with.

Sounds exciting! It is, great woman! So what are you waiting for?

How does a woman of your great character date at 50? Here are some tips that you could make use of to let the sun shine in your lips, in your eyes and stay glowing even when sunset comes:

1. Be ready with the clothes that will complement your body and skin. Consult a friend or a family member who has a sense of elegance when it comes to fashion. Yes, great lady, elegance should be the theme of your life now. It does not need to be expensive if you know the right approach to becoming one elegant lady at 50. You can read books or magazines on fashion. Just make sure that your natural character will come out with the clothes you wear for elegance in fashion also means simplicity and comfort. The basic point is to be yourself in the clothes you wear.

2. Join social organizations or groups that will increase your chances to meet men who will choose a woman of your character. It is very common that many matured and responsible men go for women who are older than them for they feel at ease with their calm disposition. Younger women are oftentimes hysterical when disagreement with their loved ones ensues.

3. Be yourself. Never pretend to be who you are not. Men could easily sense if you are a fake or natural. Men love naturalism in women. They love how women laugh at their jokes and enjoy how they are well understood by women of your age. One attractive feature of matured women which is being sought after by men is their patience and understanding ways. With them there is no need for rushing things and eventually everything falls at the proper place.

Finally, enjoy every moment of your experience. The main idea is to be soulfully connected with your date and make him feel relaxed and not challenged by a great personality like yours. A listening ear is a gift of love. Listen more and talk less. Men will get crazy with you if you know how to treat them right.

So, great woman, what are you waiting for? Go out and explore your emotional world!


Walt said...

I a few hours I will be 57. I do not feel old, for you are only as old as you think! I still like to do all the same things I did when I was 16, and girls, you never too old to flirt.


Happy b-day, Walt!God bless!:-)

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