How To Write A Quality Blog Article?

An inviting introduction and a substantive conclusion packed with a content-rich perspective will make your blog article asset to your site. 

Before you ink your thoughts, let me offer some suggestions that can be of help to you in whatever measure they will benefit you. 


To read and write is a perfect combination of any literary composition. 

It is an intelligent move to equip your mind with facts and figures before you come up with an article that is of quality read. 

Hence, reading is important in the processing of thoughts and in digesting ideas from articles that are to be rated by your readers. 

There are many ways to touch a topic but no matter how a writer puts it, knowledge is very important in discussing the elements of an issue. 

Research is important before writing a blog article. 

A good writer also needs to read all other articles written for a particular topic before expressing his thesis. 

This way he avoids a circular flow of crafted ideas. 

If a new hypothesis must emerge from one topic, it must have these following qualities: 

It must be interesting, educational, transformational and innovative. 

To "innovate" means introducing new concepts that are practical and worth adapting in life. 

Every article bridges the principles and intellect of the writer on the subject matter, hence it is always a two-way process. 

One, the writer conveys his thoughts and two, the reader's feedback on his writing. 

The gist of the message will be: Did the author successfully connect with the reader? 

To "innovate" means to release some form of energy from your mind to awaken your reader's consciousness--to change from the negative to positive. 

You can develop a personal battlecry in writing. 

Mine is "to touch other people's lives by injecting positive thoughts". 

After knowing your first steps to writing a quality material for your blog, then know how to sustain your passion for it. 

Address your personal motivation why you choose to write more than anything else. Mine is to express and educate. 

If you find fulfillment in writing without any other reason then that is your choice. 

I speak with a practical connotation. Many people will not waste time on doing something if they do not get self-fulfillment. 

Others tire up easily once their expectations are not met. 

Therefore, before you need to meet the suppositions of your passion for writing, determine as well your personal needs. 

An inspired writer is a good writer. 


Innovative writing is a personal style and more often than not it is an exclusive property of the writer. 

Good writing possesses an inviting introduction and a substantive conclusion. 

Primary words are important at the start of the article. 

Construct thought provoking words for the first line of your essay for this will either get the interest of your readers or turns them off. 

Before I decide to scribble on a title, I usually consider points discussed by other writers on the same subject and once I have focused on expounding the cerebral crusade, the words "re-angling the issue" have become a must for me to avoid a repetition of analogy. 

Analysis by repetition will hamper the attainment of an innovative synthesis. 

I am sure you would not like to hear your readers say, "same craft". 


I innovate by providing a twist by touching on the unexpected angle of the story. 

Many readers can tell the flow of the article once they see the title. 

Innovative writing is giving the readers an unanticipated twist of the piece. 

As a journalist in the past, the word "re-angling" or "highlighting" of news allowed my readers to see the "other side" of the story that was obscured by other writers. 

For instance, the subject on smoking has always been written with angles on its "personal and social effects". 

If you want to innovate your article, then explore the untouched angle that other writers did not expound. 

You can write about "man being used for commercialism", or you could point out about the "cultural reasons" that contribute to smoking as a vice. 

You need not always be formal in your writing. You can cite your personal account to clarify your point. 

A quality read is an article written with a personalized touch but includes salient points with a moral lesson. 

I call it my personal-moral-objective approach to writing. 

All writers are assets of the literary world. 

Everyone has a unique style in writing. Always pay attention to your spelling and grammar. 

Please remember that your article must me substantive and readable by all. 

It should be family friendly, content-rich, and thought-provoking.


These are great ideas! Thank you for sharing!

I would also like to add that when researching on what the author wishes to write on, it is important look at ALL the possible arguments/issues surrounding the topic. That way your article does not come across as being biased. This is a skill they are teaching us to use at Uni, and it helps us to develop stronger arguments by looking at the issue from another angle...
Hello Ray..thanks for sharing too.:)
Very informative and educational post on how to write. All your points are well presented and practical. Writing, like all other skills, improve through practice. So the more we write the better we become as a writer. And you are right, reading and writing go hand in hand in complimenting each other. Thanks for the practical post. God bless you always.
Hello Mel..thanks for your comment.
I admire the way you write. Many bloggers are learning from you. Keep up the good work, Mel. God bless you always! :-)
ianemv said…
I know I'm not a good writer but like Mel said, improve through practice.

Right now, I blog because I really want to improved my writing skills and learned new lessons from experts like you.

Thanks for this post.
Hello ianemv:

Thanks so much for your kind words.

Writing needs no expertise, just
a free flowing thoughts of truth and kindness.

Any good word transmitted to bridge peace and joy, enhancing inspiration and goodwill shall
be a masterpiece.

You are a good writer. Please do not forget that for everything will follow.

Take care.:)
PinoyApache said…
My dear Princess, it's as if I am a pygmy when I read this piece. It is extraordinarily written and I digested it in my heart. Thank you & God bless you!
Thank you for your kind words, Jing. Very inspiring. God bless you!:-)

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