Why dwell in the past?

Today and tomorrow shall be a world of sweetness for I have buried my past to rest. 

Thus I shall not disturb such slumber for it will chase me with regrets. 

Instead, I chose to smile and clear the cobwebs from my mind. 

The past is dead so I must not live under its shadow, hence, it must be laid to rest. 

Let me not write sadness and pain. Allow me to share laughter and joy. 

I thrive in the opposite of the past. If I did cry, then I shall smile now and the day thereafter. 

No room for gloomy thoughts for they will steal the dreams of my present.

I shall live to inspire others for I shall also be inspired in return.

My friend, you must look beyond the pain that caused you, for you are wonderful and therefore you are beautiful in spirit. 

Let the world share your glee, for you are one lucky individual to be free. Sometimes at night, an ugly image might appear before you but do respond with serenity. If you keep living in the past, how much more time will be left for the present, for eternity is never ours.

Is it right to enslave yourself for a sad memory that was caused by blind emotionality?

Must you be so harsh with life, if no one is perfect and that includes you?

What matters the most is who you are today, not the past where you got lost.

The river of life is wavy and risky, but do not stop for you will break.

Swim your way to the shore for once in the land your steps are sure. Stand to be yourself and not of what you had been for it is wrong to keep sadness inside your chest, once it piles up in your heart, it might blow up with regrets. 

Many of those who live in the shadow of their past are hearts that were jailed by the haunting memories of someone whose love possessed their very soul. 

What was beautiful in the past is gone, only golden thoughts to keep. A chance to be happy must not be thrown for you should not be alone. 

For those who dedicate their lives to their family, live and enjoy every moment with sincerity. Your living loved ones need you the most, therefore you must never fail them for it is your chance to make them feel how much you value them in your existence.

For those whom you loved deeply in the past, but they are now gone, hence there is no point to spend your time thinking of them.

Smile with their beautiful memories and borrow only those that made you laugh.

If you are tempted to re-experience the pain, please check your clock for you live in the present.

Once lost, time will never be replaced. As the saying goes and this applies to all, time is gold and you must fly.

I leave one wisdom to you, please live your life and be your best. Do not let the past ruin your quest.

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