Saturday, April 11, 2009

Why I think an experienced writer is better than an opinion writer?

The best writer is the experienced writer. This is my personal stand for I speak from truth and not from fiction. Except when a non-fiction story is ought to be penned, the creativity of the mind interplays with experience. Even a non-fiction writer needs experience to master his craft.

It is the experience behind the pen that presents a vivid definition of a particular life event. It is not a photocopy of a particular episode on tv or other reading materials, nor just another copied product of someone else's cerebral fantasy.

In other words, a writer who creates an article anchored on experience could defend, detail, analyze,juxtapose,and most importantly assert his idea for he knows that what he has written is true and not fiction.

Let me translate that to a simple analogy. Borrowing one of my favorite quotes: "Two men look out from the same window, one sees the star, the other the mad". What does this quotation imply? It states the fact that man's opinion is not uniform no matter where they stand.

Differences in opinion is what makes a man unique from one another. That is the other name for individuality. This is an important element of self-discovery for it tells a man who he is and where he is ought to be in life.

Therefore, a writer's finished product conveys the totality of his individuality. A random product of his own world filtered by his learnings from his own experience. He is capable of expounding a theme that he chooses to write for he knows what he is talking about. In simple words, he has EXPERIENCED the trials and errors of life and has managed to distinguish which is gray from black.

I would always admire a writer who could share a story from his own experience for it is believable and that he is also able to delete certain doubts in the minds of his readers.

But again dear friends, his opinion is his property and right to assert. The readers also have their own opinion based on their respective or subjective accounts . But more often than not, readers support stories, poems or articles that are written from true narratives.

For if you noticed, when children try to escape from the truth, they want to listen to fairy tales for they get to be transported to the world of the mysterious and unknown, where happiness is not elusive but within reach.

But when a reader wants the truth,to face life in all its complexities, the newspaper that covers daily events on politics, society and other relevant issues are indispensable part of their lives.

True writers know the right words for they could think straight from the closet of their own hurts, joys and personal learnings.

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