Monday, April 13, 2009

Who Am I?

Am I child of every word which spells hope and joy for every thought? Am I a gift to my loving parents, to my late mother and loving father.

I must have been a child of inspiration, the sweetness of romance and its heavenly dimension- creating a writer with dedication.

Dear readers, I am a writer and I am lucky for this gift of the pen was heaven sent. The rest about me I shall reveal.

I was born to a family in Southern Mindanao, Philippines who have expectations that I could not dare reject. Raised by a conservative family and inspired by my dream to be a journalist and a professional writer, my life trekked the ups and downs of life with solid determination and unyielding dedication to master my own destiny.

For every step of my journey, I raised the following questions to guide my way to where I am ought to be:

What is my relevance in life?

What is my relevance in your life?

Have I touched your heart in whatever way?

Have I lifted your spirit when you were down?

Have I stood up to help you fight your rightful cause?

Who am I for you?

Do you need my presence to make you smile?

Do you need my words to direct your sail?

Do you need me to light your way?

Do you need me for whatever right reason?

Of all the questions that I asked, one of which marks a spot in my psyche. What is my relevance in life? This question will carve a special role that I must play and fulfill. I know what I want to be, to create a story,or breath into life an article that will share connection with the universe in the call for justice and peace wherever there is unrest.

PEACE is the reason that I wanted to use my pen and share my thoughts. The battle for peace is the assertion of principles that spell humanity in all its justness and encourage practice of such in every field where human beings interact with each other.

It is my earnest hope that if I could give inspiration to those in need, and if I could heal the hearts of those in pain, then maybe God has blessed me with the pen to bridge hope and put a smile in the lips of the forlorn.

Sometimes, I feel when I hold my pen that a mighty force pulls me to the unknown when I see images of war and so much violence. My heart cries in excruciating rebellion wanting to end strife of whatever form.

This gives me an idea that perhaps I was born to write and not to hide what ails me deep inside. So without hesitation I composed a piece talking about peace in all its depth. Some thought I was just lip servicing but why are tears falling from my eyes. Answers need not be too clear to convince myself that I live to write, it is the synergy in me that no man can ever stop.

There was no day that I had doubts not knowing what I want to be. When I see vivid images of life, I wonder how come I express it with rhymes? When I see a crying child, my hand starts writing my empathy. I could not explain why I notice the falling leaves and raised the poser likened to man. Why do leaves fall? It must be nature. Akin to man why does he falter? Must nature always be an excuse?

There are simple events in life that I find special. Non-writers think there is nothing worthy to squeeze from such scene. While non-writers speak in discouragement, I write about the causes of their emotions. While they see me writing, I see them as reasons why my words came fast and why I do not stop.

I am a writer and will always write. Moments and events shall be my friend. Images will be my reminder that it is time to ink my mind and share a line to complete with a purpose or a mission.

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