What are the qualities of "GREATNESS" ?


Greatness is a delicate word that must be articulated with care using the right perspective. 

It is an institution that best describes the heroes of the past and present generation. A character that seems unreachable and only a few have been privileged to claim such title. 

For an act of greatness is always subjective, but the best way to know if you are born for greatness is to know who and what you are existing for. 

As we breathe life on earth, our tiny steps shall progress to something that must be emulated by the youths for the young have always looked up to people who could inspire them to be the best that they could be. 

To guide your search for greatness, let me ask some questions that would describe my own definition of what greatness means to me. 

Do You Inspire Positive Change? Are you constantly the kind of person who always put other people's interest and welfare over yours? 

Great people are selfless. They enjoy thriving in a socio-economic environment where they could share their talents and skills and even give their unselfish time to help others during their ordeals. 

There are many examples before us that truly exemplify the picture of people who are truly born great. One such vivid example shows women who have one way or the other touched the very fiber of their respective communities to uplift the lives of those in need and to set a positive direction for others to follow. 

Indian Greatness 

The condition of women in India moved a powerful-minded lady to bridge the gap and lessen the pains of her fellow women. Ms.Jaya Arunachalam, the president of the WWF (Working Women's Forum), had orchestrated the mass unity of the eighty-nine percent (89%) working Indian women rally behind what she called as "mobilization for collective consciousness". 

Indian women have a long history of pain and struggle. In 1990, the large mass of unorganized sector is women workers who do not have informal or formal unions. Met with harsh conditions, like low wages, caste and class discrimination, pulled them away from achieving their economic goals. 

Their status as women of the society was undervalued then. The process used by Arunachalam capitalizes on women as an entry point for the development process. 

A commendable move on the part of the WWF for making the Indian women become the catalyst for development and paved the way for their active participation in the shaping of their social status to alleviate the harshness of their social and economic conditions. 

India's WWF is a cooperative in action, with one goal aimed at improving the lives of each member hence contributing to the success of the entire organization, for it developed commitment and dedication among themselves for a common cause. 

Thailand Greatness 

In Thailand, "Magic Eyes" was spearheaded by a woman named Mrs.Chodchoy Sophonpanich

The said organization raised a social campaign on environmental and community development. Sophonpanich knows that preserving the environment would ensure a great future for the next generation. 

Philippines Greatness 

In the Philippines, the Filipina women have been a major catalyst in the fight for independence. History bared that underground organizations like the "Katipunan" which fought against the imperialism of the Spaniards had in their midst Filipina women fighting with them for the same goal-freedom from Spain domination. 

No less than former Philippine President Corazon Aquino proved to the world that a Filipina woman could effect a radical political change if truly needed by the people when she spearheaded the 1986 People Power Revolution in the Philippines. 

Greatness Defined 

Greatness is touching lives and allowing other people to touch yours. You participate in social transformation and you take an active part in inspiring other people to act for their progress and development. You do not just preach but you act what you stand for. 

Greatness requires sensitivity to other people's needs. The skill to know when to use it and how to apply it so that it will benefit the majority of those people who are in dire need of transformation to optimize their potentials. 

On the other hand, even if you exercise greatness sans leadership, with your simple ability to inspire other people and move them towards something positive is enough to know that you live not only for yourself alone but for others as well. 

That will in itself make you great in the eyes of your family, friends, and neighbors. 

Greatness empowers you and those around you. 

Empowerment is, in fact, a faith in oneself and this faith and power to have control over the people in our lives should be done with love, care, and deep sensitivity. 

The greatness of Character 

Selflessness of character, active and positive leadership, empathy and supportive reaction to those in need, freedom from biases and prejudices, and inspiring change to take place to better the lives of other people are the qualities of greatness that a great person must possess.


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