Sunday, April 12, 2009

What is sincere social service?

SELF-EVALUATION is a requirement to assess personal motives in caring for other people outside one's comfort zones. One has to measure the motivation behind his action. Caring for the society should be beyond one's vested interest.

One can easily claim that he has touched the lives of other people. How and on what basis comes the next question.

One can easily establish a good name in his chosen field and claim that he makes the difference, but what motivated him to effect such?

Life is not just merely touching the lives of other people but making their lives touch yours.These are two different perspectives. Let me expound.


If you say that you are touching the lives of other people,then what you actually mean is that you are being moved by an internal energy that only you can truly assess if your social services are done selflessly or with vested interest.

It is hard for politicians to convince the electorate that he can afford to rule his people without having to pay the debts he incurred before election.His desire to win maybe noble, but he still owes those who made it possible for him to win in the election owing to their financial support.

This is what I meant by the "internal energy" that only the social worker can justify.

To give more examples on the operation of the "theory of reciprocality" involved in man's social mileu, are the profit-oriented struggles of many businessmen to innovate on customer-friendly strategy for obvious reasons;a suitor who does everything to win the heart of his beloved, although the emotion is not calculated as a part of the "vested interest" but it is the process to win the desired woman which necessitates the giving of material things in form of gifts to the woman desired and this is in-fact commercializing love whether intentionally or not; and a doctor who will do everything to cure his patient provided that he gets fully paid for his services.

In the country, many patients are oftentimes rejected in hospitals if they have no money for deposit. This is against the law but we all know that this happens.

Everything operates in reciprocality. Nothing is free, so goes the saying.

That is the bottom line, any services given for free, which is lasting or permanent and not waiting for anything in return is truly the real essence of selfless social service.


Now,here comes the best part. Touching the lives of other people selflessly means that you do something good without waiting for anything in return. A clear example of this is when a stranger meets an accident and you act urgently by bringing the injured person to the nearest hospital;giving alms to beggars sans social funfare;
and a possible remote case of helping your worst enemy who is in need of immediate assistance under a life and death situation.

To be of service sincerely is not premeditated but acting on your instinct instantly out of the desire to help others.

We all have vested interest and this is normal for we are all human beings in constant need of material and spiritual comfort. That is why it is not always easy to say that one is sincere not unless he does it without being paid for what he has done.

Don't stop doing good things for other people regardless of your own motives. Let God be the judge whether you will reap your rewards in the life hereafter or in this temporal world.

Just look at your efforts and assess where you stand.For if you are truly touching the lives of people out of "volunteerism" , then the people will judge you for it. But as long as you benefit financially from what you are doing ,then you have no right to claim that you are in fact touching their lives.

Just a point to reflect on.

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