Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Principle Gap

Sometimes, one has to be human enough to accept his flaws and to stop pretending that everything is alright even if it is not.

It is not a sin to acknowledge the truth. What is sinful is deforming the truth.

Sometimes you need to deal with the truth. Face and accept it if you can't change it. If you want to change it, weigh all the possible consequences before you attempt to move forward.

Moving on does not exclusively mean that you move from one phase to another.. it also means you are staying in one phase not for yourself but for those you love.

I admire people who can do this. I am not the type who stays in one phase and accept what is unacceptable.

Letting go is so easy for me than staying.My salute to those who stays and deals with the inevitable.

We are all human beings and PRINCIPLE GAP occurs not because we want it to happen but because we have to be FLEXIBLE in facing life.

Hence this is the reason that our temperaments change from day to day. The truest of all people are those who can accept their feelings at the moment but have the ability not to get stuck on that level.

Never be afraid to be human. Laughter and pain are twins in the realm of life.

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