Sunday, April 12, 2009

Let Us Not Stop Pursuing Peace in Mindanao..

Let Us Not Stop Pursuing Peace in Mindanao..
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The road to peace is endless and circuitous, lots of humps and stumble blocks.But peace workers,please do not stop.

I beg you to continue working. We will eventually reach the peak of the mountain,where tangible peace reigns.

Please continue the uphill climb to get there and never falter. Stay consistent, steadfast and selfless.Please do not pause for a moment to surrender, for all steps leading there will fail.

This writer does not accept that peace is elusive...for we are all capable of having good deeds and could translate them into actions.

Peace will succeed once we can sustain the needed focus and care for interfaith interaction,colorless friendship and absence of political bias and prejudice.

Peace requires a strong commitment, lifetimes respect to other's opinions and individual rights and using kindness as the language of the soul and not adhering to violence as the ways and means to resolve conflict.

Peace is a plant of goodwill that demands proper care to add beautiful colors to the lives of men and will naturally help in the detoxification of hatred that would contribute to man's extinction.

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