Friday, April 3, 2009

Four Steps To Win In A Beauty Contest

Standing before a critical crowd to win a beauty title is an uphill climb. It is not only a beautiful face and body that can make a beauty contestant take home the prize.

Here are four steps to win a beauty title:

1. Do have more brains than beauty

Ideal winners for any worldwide acclaimed beauty pageants are those possesing not only beauty but brains as well. A case in point was a controversy involving the winner of the 2008 Binibining Pilipinas World pageant, Janina Miller San Miguel.

Miss San Miguel resigned her title in September 2008 after she gave a controversial reply to the question raised by one of the judges. Janina failed to answer in simple English a questioned thrown on her during the pageant night which sparked a negative public reaction alleging that "she has no brains" to match with her looks.

2. Be eloquent in speech

Be ready with a sharp answer for the pageant night by ensuring that your knowledge is complete concerning social, political, economic, cultural, spiritual (SPECS) matters. Seek professional help if you think you will fail. Just ensure that you are ready if you stand on stage and face your audience.

The question and answer portion is the yardstick to determine if the future beauty queen can represent the country as an ambassadress of goodwill. Meaning, she has to be eloquent in her words as a prerequisite to her diplomatic responsibilities.

To stand before a national crowd and use English poorly would automatically illicit a very repugnant reaction from those in the audience. However,in the case of Janina, had she spoken in Filipino to address her Filipino spectators, then perhaps she would have been appreciated for being true to her crowd and herself.

It is not the language that could make her win but what is inside her mind and heart that should have been expressed in a language that she is fluent of.

Speaking in English is required but expressing herself in Filipino is understandable.

3. Do anticipate a negative reaction from the crowd

Whether the reaction of the crowd is negative or positive, it is best for the beauty contestant to be emotionally ready for everything if she is on stage. Otherwise, she might get distracted by "booos" from the audience if ever she replied incorrectly to any of the judges.

In the case of Janina, it was evident that the reaction of her audience caused her undue stress hence it led her to fumble through her speech. She had no grasp for words at that moment of heightened tension which contributed to her mental block.

4. Do have a beautiful character

A beauty contestant should possess a good character that will promote goodwill and closer friendship to enhance foreign diplomatic relations.

She must possess noble values as her personal guide to strive hard for the sector that she envisions to serve should she be lucky enough to bag the title.

The "humane perspective" of a beauty contest

Since I have already mentioned the sad experience of Janina San Miguel, it is better to rally behind the "humane" aspect of such controversy.

Janina should not be faulted for being unable to speak fluent English for as a Filipina, she certainly finds comfort in articulating her thoughts in Tagalog or Pilipino. The reason that she became controversial was because of the "perfection" demanded in any beauty contest, to avoid a substandard competition.

The only thing that Janina forgot to do at that time was to stand up courageously and tell the audience that she prefers to speak her national tongue.

No beauty is perfect on this world. Everyone must learn not to zero in on the one hundred percent rating-for perfection is an unrealized dream.

We must have a humane way to accept imperfection as in the case of Miss San Miguel, who I personally sympathized with, and not be too myopically focused on the ideal concept of what beauty is. After all, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and this subject will never be dispossessed of a subjective argument.

I am not saying that we adhere to substandard judgment. Please read my unedited thoughts-- let us be altruistic in looking at people.

A final word to the future aspirants of a world-acclaimed beauty contest-- be ready before you enter the lion's den.


Mikes@Your Daily Word said...

visiting with a smile

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Bai Maleiha,
Have you entered or won a beauty contest before? You are a beauty yourself plus your innate intelligence is obvious. I'm just curious. No offense meant. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Bai Maleiha B. Candao said...

@ Mikes:
Thanks for passing by my friend. God bless you. :)

@ Mel:

Hello Mel,a solemn and meaningful holy week to you.

Yes, I did. After I got accepted in the final screening of a local beauty contest with a social cause back then when I was in high-school, dad did not agree that I should continue.

I agreed to his decision and it was best for me too at that time for I hate to miss my classes then.


Walt said...

True beauty comes from the heart.
In my eyes you will always be a winner.

Bai Maleiha B. Candao said...

Thank you Walt. You made me smile. :)

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