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What are the qualities of "GREATNESS" ?

Greatness is a delicate word that must be articulated with care using the right perspective. 
It is an institution that best describes the heroes of the past and present generation. A character that seems unreachable and only a few have been privileged to claim such title. 
For an act of greatness is always subjective, but the best way to know if you are born for greatness is to know who and what you are existing for. 
As we breathe life on earth, our tiny steps shall progress to something that must be emulated by the youths for the young have always looked up to people who could inspire them to be the best that they could be. 
To guide your search for greatness, let me ask some questions that would describe my own definition of what greatness means to me. 
Do You Inspire Positive Change? Are you constantly the kind of person who always put other people's interest and welfare over yours? 
Great people are selfless. They enjoy thriving in a socio-economic environment where they could s…