Monday, March 9, 2009

Why Being A Woman Is Power?

We have metamorphosed from the cradle to a world mangled with prejudice but we stand to persist. Our wisdom deserves not a recluse but attention for when we speak, we are moved by our hearts. Our intentions may be motherly at times but we are definitely capable of knowing the right from wrong.

It is a misconception that we could not be strong for it will insult the courage of women leaders all around the world who made it possible for the sexist world to recognize that women are beyond shapes and faces--we can form objective and unbiased opinions and we are capable of shaping the lives of those we touched.

Women do not exist to overpower men. We exist to support and complement the men in our lives during their hardship with our concern and care. We cry at times but after the tears we become tough as stone in asserting our principles.

Women...we are here. We shall stay.

Happy International Women's Day!

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Empowered Women

Empowered Women