Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The What and How Of Metaphysical Communication

Please be reminded that you must not ignore the importance of body language as an imperative  tool to convince other people of your sincerity-- through your physical posture. That is the essence of social interaction. Words and body posture must be consistent.

The other name for "metaphysical communication" is "body language" or the non-verbal way to impart your thoughts.

Body Language is the most effective communicator of unspoken emotions for it aids in how we can make our work and home environment positive and inspiring.

How we communicate through body language depicts the kind of breeding we have.

A person of good character will avoid vague messages through his body language. He will be prudent in his choice of words and his actions must support the message he wants to convey.

Let us approach this article by accentuating on the benefits of "body language" as one way to bring positive results to other people. In application therefore, let us use it to inspire employees of your organization, support a friend or show a better character to the people you mingle with everyday. We therefore need to focus on the "him, her, they, and us" and not the "I".

Here are some tips that will help you understand the HOWs of body language:


The sincerest form of showing sincerity is by maintaining your eye contact when in conversation with others. Direct eye contact during business transaction with your potential client will show good faith and confidence on your part. Some people associate dishonesty with the avoidance of eye contact during formal or candid dialogue.


This works effectively for managers of organizations. A tap on your employee's back will certainly send a message that you are happy with his output. This will in turn encourage positive working values aside from inspiring your subordinates to deliver their services successfully.


Please refrain from crossing your arms whenever in conversation with others. This is not a good form of body language for it sends a negative signal to the other person. It signifies a "sense of distrust" to whoever you are dealing with. The best way to talk with someone is with your both arms freely rested for this means "openness" and sincerity.

Finally, let me give you the exact point of my article--BE YOURSELF and always BE TRUE.

The real essence of body language is YOU. How you move will show others how you feel. To be extra caring with other people or to be an effective communicator demands that you need to exercise discretion with your body movements. Education plus good breeding will guide you to show proper social graces and manners at the right time and the right place.

is a must to complete that package. If you happen not to know what tact is, then you really have a problem.

TACT comes with POLITENESS. Here are some thoughts to guide you:

"If you can make less people uncomfortable wherever you are and whatever you do, that is politeness. This requires proper body movements to avoid sending the wrong signals.. The most important thing to remember in dealing with other people is to preserve friendship and inspire people around you. How you look is not a part of it. It is how you treat them that matters."

is being yourself all the time. It means not pretending to be what you are not. True smiles and true body gestures come easy with truthfulness.

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